About Us

Archie Bear S.P+ was founded by a qualified primary school teacher and mum, whose passion is to watch children explore, question and most importantly succeed through their own findings. 

Back in 2019, when at home with my son and pregnant with my daughter, I was always thinking of ways that I could make play engaging and interactive. I remember sitting and watching my son play and then a wave of worry came across me thinking, what's going to happen when my second comes along? So it was in that moment I started to create ready made sensory boxes for my son to have and I could easily take out or bring to his grandparents house if need be. It was also at this time when Archie Bear S.P.+ was created. 

As an educator, I was passionate about giving my children 'mini experiences'. I created invitations for children to play, imagine, seek and find out new things. With this I found children to be eager to discuss their findings, they had new things they wanted to write about or make. This opened my eyes to the importance that play based learning and experiences have in our little ones lives.

Now as a parent, I can also appreciate the importance of finding toys that are durable, diverse and easily accessible. I once had time to seek out new resources, create templates or posters, run from shop to shop to create themed play spaces. Now I just want to find it all in one spot. 

             Archie Bear S.P.+ has been designed to do just that.

We have sourced items in themes to help create play spaces for your little ones. From items that can be put together to make your own sensory boxes to toys that will encourage your little one to explore independently, create and share.

We are also working towards having tutorials for you to show you just how easy it is to create sensory bases from home.

New themes will continue to be added as we walk through this NEW and exciting journey. Thank you for supporting Archie Bear S.P.+